Paragliding at the Dune du Pyla

From April to October, come and discover paragliding on the largest sand dune in Europe with Yannick Epenoy, paragliding instructor. Enjoy stunning views of the Arcachon bay and the bench of Arguin during a first flight in a two-seater paraglider. An essential activity for young and old to come and try during your visit to the Arcachon basin.

Paragliding is an exciting outdoor activity that allows you to to fly like a bird using a paragliding wing. This activity can be done by people of all ages and skill levels, and offers many physical and mental health benefits.

To do a paragliding baptism, there are no particular prerequisites. Anyone in good health and able to walk to the launch area can take part in a paragliding experience. However, it is important to respect the safety instructions and follow the instructions of the paragliding instructor.

Paragliding is an ideal activity for lovers of outdoor sports, as it allows you to discover nature from a different angle. You can fly in magnificent landscapes and admire the panoramic view from the heights. In addition, paragliding is an ecological activity that does not produce noise or air pollution.

So don't wait any longer and quickly book your paragliding baptism at the dune of Pilat.